Windows Server 2012 keyboard shortcuts

keyboard shortcut

As a professional user, you have known that using keyboard is less time consuming than mouse to get exactly what you need.

I’ve gathered some most common keyboard shortcuts for Windows Server 2012, all start with Windows key:


Keyboard Shortcut Meaning
Windows key + R Run command
Windows key + D Switch from start screen to desktop
Windows key + Y Shows desktop screen
Windows key + E Opens file explorer
Windows key + C Opens Charms bar
Windows key + F Search file and folders
Windows key + Q Global search
Windows key + I Settings
Windows key + K Devices
Windows key + H Share
Windows key + Pause System properties
Windows key + X Quick access menu
Windows key + Z Opens app bar
Windows key + Tab Provides list of running programs
Windows key + Ctrl + Tab Cycles through apps
Windows key + Shift + Tab Cycles through apps in reverse order
Windows key + PrtScr Saves screenshot
Windows key + M Minimizes current window on desktop
Windows key + Spacebar Switch keyboard/input language
Windows key + W System settings search
Windows key + U Ease of access center
Windows key + V Cycles notifications
Windows key + Shift + V Cycles notifications in reverse order
Windows key + O Sets device orientation
Windows key + PgDown Moves current app to right monitor
Windows key + PgUp Moves current app to left monitor

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