Configure naming and joining to a domain in Windows Server 2012


If you didn’t name your server a reasonable one during installation, you can do it now. Plus, you have the choice to join the server to an existent domain.

As usual, I present 2 methods:


  1. Hit Windows key + Pause/Break. The System window appears
  2. In front of Computer name, there exists your current name of the server. Click on Change settings. System Properties window opens
  3. Click on Change button
  4. Under Computer name, write your desired name. Mine will be Server1
  5. Under Member of Domain, put your domain name. Mine is CyrusBesharat.local
  6. The server needs to be restarted that naming taken effect.


Open PowerShell window, and run this below command:

Rename-Computer –NewName Server1 Add-Computer -DomainName CyrusBesharat.local Restart-Computer

My motto is BE CONCISE & PRECISE, so be it ! 


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