Active Directory ports

Active DirectoryActive Directory uses some ports for authentication and replication. And if you have a firewall, keep in mine these ports should be opened in the firewall, in order for Active Directory to work properly. 

135 (TCP) RPC(Remote Procedure Call) for AD replication & File Replication Services(FRS)
389 (TCP) LDAP
639 (TCP) LDAP over SSL
88 & 464 (TCP & UDP) Kerberos
3268 (TCP) Global Catalog
3269 (TCP) Global catalog over SSL
137 & 138 (UDP) NetBIOS
139 & 445 (TCP) SMB
53 (TCP & UDP) DNS
123 (UDP) NTP

One Response to Active Directory ports

  1. kraft hannes says:

    hi 🙂 …

    your powershell commands are really helpfull and the comparison between klick and script is GREAT !!! :))) …

    thanks from hannes (austria)

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